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Vancouver Central College
12-02-2008, 08:12 PM
Vancouver Central College works with professionals, especially newcomers to help them become full participants of Canadian society. The College is known for its exemplary work in providing opportunities that acquire knowledge, credentials and marketable skills that lead to commensurate employment. The programs at the College are offered in the areas of AutoCAD Engineering, Construction Technician, Networking, International Trade, Accounting and Residential Care Attendant. One of the key features of these programs is that they provide you with industry specific skills that will land you the right job. In addition to the hands on training that is provided in these three to eight month diploma or certificate programs, there is also a practicum option which provides students with the chance to work in a company in the Vancouver area. When students perform well in the practicum, there is also the possibility of attaining full time employment with the company.

The good news is that if you are skilled newcomer with a background in engineering, construction or international trade, there is funding available to help newcomers pay for the programs. Moreover, if you have been laid off, there is also Employment Insurance (EI) funding that is available to cover the costs of these programs. There is also a special $2500.00 grant that is available for those individuals that would like to enroll in the Residential Care Attendant (RCA) program. We are regularly staring new sessions and offer programs in flexible formats to suit different schedules. If you would like more information about these programs and the funding that is available or to simply discuss your career goals please contact Amy Saini at 604-430-5608 or

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