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Tsveta 09-13-2006 12:00 PM

Top 5 Useful tips for your job search
This is the best season for the job seekers. There are plenty of offers on the job market and now is the right time to pressure the recruiters and to find yourself a good position.

Some tips that can be useful for you in your job search:
1. Polish your Resume.
2. Don’t look for a job only in major job bank sites and newspapers.
3. Try the hidden job market. Employers receive 300-500 resumes for a single job posting so the competition is very tough. Contact directly the recruiters and employers.
4. You can go to the employment agencies web sites, look at their hottest job postings and contact them directly.
5. Go to Jobagencies Canada web site to find a huge list of recruiting agencies. In the “Search Agencies” field you can search the employment agencies by location, by target markets, by name. For example – if you are looking for a job in the banking sector do write “bank” or “banking” in the search field and you’ll find all the agencies dealing with placement in the banking sector.

Good luck!

kuchemishka 09-15-2006 09:59 AM

Great tips, Thank you!
Can you suggest any web site where I can get resume tips? 11-09-2006 06:05 PM

Hi Kuchemishka,

Here are a couple of sites that have good resume writing information:

A follow-up thank-you letter is also highly recommended once you get the job interview - it keeps your name in the employer's memory and can put you ahead of others applying for the position. Remember, you're selling... you! So in marketing language, you need to "brand" yourself.

Hope this helps.



Tsveta 02-08-2007 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by kuchemishka (Post 2549)
Great tips, Thank you!
Can you suggest any web site where I can get resume tips?

Hi, Yes you can check out the new job articles section.
This job articles section will help you write a better Resume. You can get tips on how to influence your employer, telephone etiquette and more job search tips.

tikiota 11-29-2007 02:31 PM

New Job Site Specifically for Immigrants
Another site I have come across with excellent advice for finding a Job is

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