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Default Excellent Advise...Here are some suggestions


I couldn't agree more about your advise. Being a human resources consultant and receiving 1000's of resume either within North America or abroad, I am amazed at the poorly written resumes submitted.

Prior to any job search I would recommend getting your resume professionally written as opposed to trying to create your own by using online templates or books.

Nothing is worse then speanding hours sending of resume only to get declines due to a poor resume that doesn't sell your strengths, experience, knowledge and experience.

Once you have a strong resume it gives you the confidence when applying for jobs and it also gains the interest of potential employers. Once you receive the interview the next biggest thing is being well prepared. I have conducted many interviews where someone looks good on paper but the interview is awful. Usually a panel can decide on a candidate within 1-10 minutes in an interview process.

Looking for the job is very easy, being well prepared is the challenge. Don't sell yourself short.

I was told about a within my human resources network. They are very reputable and work with high profile companies and job seekrs in the area of job prepration services. I have recommended to various individuals and I have had nothing but positive feedback about their resume services, online course and in-person coaching.

You may want to seek help from a company like HRinmotion prior to looking for the job and before meeting with employers for an interview.

I hope I was able to provide some valuable information from an employers perspective. Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information.

I wish you all much success in your job search.