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Old 12-08-2010, 12:29 PM
ilovemydog ilovemydog is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2010
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Default Need Advice!

Hi everyone,

I am new to here but currently I have encountered some difficulties over the job hunting.

Maybe let me explain my background a bit first. I have about 10 years work experience in Human Resources areas - in both Human Resources consulting and corporate HR environment. I was always interested in further studies however there was no Master program in Human Resources at that time (other than those MBA with focus on HR) in Canada. Most of the HR people got a CHRP designation instead. CHRP requires local HR experience and this was what I lacked. In 2004, there was a brand new master program in HR management and I was able to be in the first class and became the only international student. During the studies, I applied for immigration and the process was done pretty quickly.

After I have graduated, I tried to secure a job related to HR however I rarely received responses after I had sent tons of applications. I got a few interviews but the feedback given was "very solid HR experience, and very sound education but lack of Canadian experience". Therefore, most of the time I was doing some customer service or call-center jobs with wages around minimum.

I was very lucky that one time I got an opportunity to join a big company as a very junior HR staff. Everything was going very well and I got many appreciation emails from other department heads saying that I had helped them a lot. However, things have changed when the new HR manager came on board. It was pretty smooth in the first two months and she seemed to be satisfied with my performance. Until one day I saw that she was reading my profile and resume. I was thinking maybe she wanted to understand more of my background and it's totally fine to me. However, right after that, the next day she was talking to me that she felt I wasn't a person suitable for the company. I asked her for the reasons and she replied "it's your personal style and some kind of chemistry with the job and company". I asked for further explanation but her response was "well, I know you have obtained a very good education. There are many things which are hard to explain but you are definitely a good employee, but maybe for other companies". Then, she was trying to transfer me to other department like Call Centre and the job was kind of shifting one with work hours at midnight. She also posted a job posting for my position. I felt very sad and then I quit the job. Later on, I was told that she had hired a young lady who's a friend of her sister...and she had no HR experience.

Sometimes, I got very frustrated on the road of job hunting, such as one time I had a walk-in interview in a very famous recruitment agency. It's an open house interview day and of course there were other interviewees. But right after the interview, the manager has given all interviewees her business cards except me. Well, sorry but I have to say... I was the only one who's not local people.

I was turned down in all opportunities. For senior level positions, I was told that I lacked of the local work experience although I obtained the Masters in HR management. It's kinda funny that my Canadian classmates said the interviewers were so excited and interested in talking about our Master program with them during the interviews, however no one has even mentioned a single word about it during my interviews. On the other hand, I had applied for some junior level positions. But the feedback was that they had a concern I would not stay in the positions for long because of my experience and education.

Folks...I wanted to know....what should I do now? Is my experience/Master degree an obstacle or a plus? I was even thinking of not mentioning about my program.

Currently I am have a discussion with a company about a position but I will open another thread for that as this thread is already too long. I appreciate your attention and I hope to hear your insights ..thanks!
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Old 12-08-2010, 01:41 PM
Tsveta Tsveta is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience with your job search.
Sadly it is common for people to hire friends of friends... Have you thought of finding a contract position and then you can get to know the people you work with and may convert to permanent position? People will always find a reason to fire you from your job - for some you will be overqualified for some you will be under qualified... So you can't satisfy everybody. I would suggest tailoring your Resume to every specific position you are applying for. This way you will match you skills with the skills and education they need and have much bigger chance to get the job.
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Old 12-08-2010, 03:06 PM
ilovemydog ilovemydog is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 3

Thanks Tsveta. I will take your suggestions. I have passed a few interviews with a company currently but I would like hear the thoughts from you or others. I will try to start a new thread for that now.
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